donderdag 3 januari 2013

Christmas DIY challenge from Hege in France.

Love the inspiring blog from Hege in France!
So it is very nice to join her Christmas DIY challenge.


Last March I planted two trained trees in my garden. They needed to be decorated for Christmas. Love stars, so this year became a starry Christmas!
The stars are made of willow catkins and copper colored wire.
The good news? If you store them dry, you can use them next year again!

Vind je dit soort uitdagingen leuk? Zou je ze op mijn blog terug willen zien?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It looks very nice! Love the stars with the lights. So you speak Spanish too? Muy bien!

    Looking forward to follow you during 2013.

    Have a nice weekend

  2. ¡Hola Vicky!
    Muchas gracias por su reacción. Hablo español tampoco.
    ¿Te gustas las challenges?
    ¡Muy Bien fin de semana y hast la próxima vez!